If you've grown up with or grown dependent on cell phones, technology and a fast paced lifestyle, you may really wonder what this Tractor Ride is all about. You may even think you don't care....until you take a look! Starting on a warm, August, Saturday morning at the Arlie Thompson Farm, on Route 221 in Floyd Virginia the ride begins. Then ride goes right down Main street of Floyd to be greeted by many, many local folks. It is obvious that they genuinely enjoy seeing all the tractors. The ride
​contuines in a calm and slow pace, as drivers get
​to see their share of deer, beautiful farm land and 
maybe even a bear or two. The back roads of
Floyd County provide a welcome home for the
ride. There is plenty of time for drivers to soak
in all the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
About half way through the ride the West Family
graciously open their farm for a great lunch
whether it is Ms. Minnie’s Famous beef stew, a
hotdog or even just a home-grown tomato
sandwich it is truly is one of the many highlights
 of the ride. Offering a little time to fellowship with other people that truly love their tractors, and enjoy sharing stories about them. Once lunch is finished everyone loads back up for the final leg of this ride. On the tractor ride, though, with the world passing by at maybe 12 miles per hour, everything comes into focus a little better. Whether it is the condition of the crops in the field…the new equipment that a neighbor has…the obvious pride that many take in their lawns and gardens, it all comes together in an interesting panorama, viewable for 360 degrees from the seat of that “old iron.”
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